Sarah Stogryn

~ herbalist & birthkeeper~


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a new way of seeing things

Strange as it may seem to hear - - science isn't the only way of knowing, or even necessarily the best way. It is but one lens to view the world through. Evidence-based information is essential to good decision-making but other components matter too. How you feel, your history and beliefs and experiences, your hopes and fears and intuition, all play a part in making the decisions that are best for you.   You are the expert on your life -  my job is to help you find your truth and speak it so that you can move through your life with confidence and joy.


Connection. Clarity. Confidence. Calm.

*gain clarity on how your choices can affect your goals*
*understand the forces at play which impact your decision-making*
*consider the complementary health options which may be of assistance to you*
*explore the birth experience you've already had and integrate it positively into your life today*
*prepare to advocate for what you want and need in pregnancy & beyond*


sleep that heals and rewires the brain

If you are ready to move beyond the duality of fear vs trust, this choice vs that choice,
and be fully present and observant so that you are truly empowered to live in the way that is right for you, then yoga nidra is for you. 

It is especially beneficial for those experiencing:
*fertility issues, pregnancy worries, postpartum mood concerns*
*insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, the effects of trauma*


My intention is always to facilitate the creation of safe space, so that you can tap into your own inner wisdom, intuition, and healing force. I don't choose which path you should follow or even suggest which path might be "best". I don't "empower" you. I DO 'hold a light' if you will, so that the various paths become more visible and you can work to make an informed choice that is right for you. I DO 'hold a mirror' so that you can see the power you already hold within. The best decision for you is the informed decision you are most comfortable with. 


Meet Sarah

When you feel like things are about to hit the fan, are out of control, or are just "too much"...I'm the person who has your back.... and front... and all the angles. ;)

I am the person who says 'for now, it doesn't matter how you got here, you're here and its up to you to decide what to make of it. Let's figure it out together'.

I am the person who says 's**t makes things grow... what's waiting to bloom in your life that this can be nourishment for? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What do you need?'. 

I am the person who uses her fire - her passion and knowledge and core beliefs rooted in love and respect - to fuel a rocksolid sense of calm.

I am a birthkeeper. An herbalist. A Kundalini Yogini.
I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend.
I believe all people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.
I believe we each do the best we can. 
I believe that you are strong and that you're going to be ok.