Sarah Stogryn


~ herbalist & birthkeeper~


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Meet Sarah

I am a writer, birthkeeper, herbalist, and an advocate for truly connected and respectful parenting. I am a wife, and a mother to two boys - one of whom is PDA-Autistic. These boys of mine take me daily through a journey of intense learning. As I learn more about them, and what they need to flourish, I learn more about myself, what I need, and how I can best serve those around me.

I am an omnist. I recognize and respect the beauty and truth in all religions.
I am neurodivergent. When going through the diagnostic process with my son I found that I recognized myself in those pages.
Kundalini Yoga keeps me grounded and growing. I am a beginner, but my soul feels at home when I connect to the golden chain.

I believe all people deserve to loved, and to be treated with kindness and respect. I believe that when we know better we can do better. I believe that systems of oppression which grant privilege to some and harm to others must be consciously identified, rooted out, and healed. I believe that to truly live in our light we must also embrace our shadow.
I believe that you are here - now - for a reason.

sleep that heals and rewires the brain

Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest, fastest, and most powerful ways to experience the profound benefits of meditation.
Don't let the ease fool you though.
Yoga Nidra offers richness, depth, and limitless opportunities for exploration and growth. 
Yoga Nidra is meditative consciousness - - a very special place somewhere between "asleep" and "awake" where our soul is at home.

It is especially beneficial for those experiencing:
*fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, the effects of trauma*
*fertility issues, pregnancy worries, postpartum mood concerns*

a new way of seeing things

Evidence-based information is essential to good decision-making but other components matter too. How you feel, your history and beliefs and experiences, your hopes and fears and intuition, all play a part in making the decisions that are best for you. 
Explore my blog if you want to:
~ gain clarity on how your choices can affect your goals.
~ understand the forces at play which impact your decision-making
~ consider complementary health options
~ prepare to advocate for what you want and need in pregnancy & beyond*




My intention is always to facilitate the creation of safe space, so that you can tap into your own inner wisdom, intuition, and healing force. I don't choose which path you should follow or even suggest which path might be "best". I don't "empower" you. I DO 'hold a light' if you will, so that the various paths become more visible and you can work to make an informed choice that is right for you. I DO 'hold a mirror' so that you can see the power you already hold within. The best decision for you is the informed decision you are most comfortable with.