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Creating and raising a family, becoming a mother or a parent - - these things change who we are. This can be both an exhilarating and terrifying journey but it is not one you have to walk alone. Together we explore what your concerns are, how you want to feel, and who you want to be. We will tap into your intuition through yoga nidra meditation and look for real life practical solutions to the issues you are facing. It is my hope that in our time together you will find clarity, confidence, and a sense of calm assurance in your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey.

the rest we crave...
the healing we need...

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based, mindful, guided meditation technique and part of the greater practice of yoga. Yoga Nidra  doesn't require flexibility, a 'clear mind', or fancy clothes.  You are in complete control, and while your physical body is in a sleep state, and your brain is resting deeply, your mind is still conscious, so you can choose what direction and focus your private yoga nidra session takes.  I work with you to set an intention for your session, as well as create a safe 'inner resource space' which you can return to at any time.  You leave each session with resources you can draw on again and again throughout your daily life.

Yoga Nidra triggers the relaxation response in a profound way, balancing the nervous system, restructuring the brain, and allowing the body to heal.  The restorative effect of a yoga nidra session is said to be the restful equivalent of 3-4 hours sleep - something most of us could benefit from!

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 I do not perform any medical/clinical tasks, give medical or psychological advice, or offer treatment protocols or prescriptions. The services I provide are not a substitute for professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, or otherwise therapeutic interventions. Sessions are  not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure illness or disease. All information and suggestions are to be used at your own discretion and in consultation with trusted healthcare professionals as you deem appropriate.

You are the expert on your own life, and I trust that you will use your own best judgment when making decisions about your well-being. I encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals and health care providers whenever you feel it is necessary.

Yoga Nidra

Set an intention. "Sleep". Wake up.

Each yoga nidra session is approximately one hour in length, including time to prepare and set an intention, as well as to slowly wake up when the practice of yoga nidra is complete.
Sessions typically take place at my treatment room at 676 Fiddick Rd, Brighton, ON but may also take place in alternate locations or by skype by mutual agreement. Travel fees may apply.

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Custom YN Recording

One of the beautiful things about yoga nidra guided meditation is that it's all about YOU. Yoga nidra is about YOUR intentions, your questions, your journey, your fears, your hopes, your wisdom, and your intuition. While a private in-person yoga nidra session is of course *amazing*, I recognize that not all of us have the freedom to make it out of the house for self-care like this. That is why I am now offering the option of a custom yoga nidra recording which I create specifically for you, based on input you give me about your needs, and which you can then download to listen to over and over again at your convenience. 

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